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Healing 4 Purpose is a “Wholistic” Wellness and Coaching Company serving the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of our clients. Have you ever or within the last year had an emotional detox to clear out troubling and unwanted thoughts and experiences? Our belief is that having an emotional detox for the mind is just as important as having an annual physical, if not more often.

We use Imagery, Hypnosis, Aroma Therapy, Sound Therapy, IASIS Technology & other techniques to help calm the mind, body, and emotions. Just like your physical body gets clogged, so do your emotions which can affect you relationally, socially, occupationally, or spiritually.

Roadblocks and life experiences may have caused you to get off track and not enjoy life, making you feel unfulfilled. The most important answers you need in life are found within. Just like your body can self-heal, your mind and emotions are able to self-heal as well. Healing 4 Purpose understands there are reasons that prevent you from getting the release you desire, and we are here to help guide you through it.

If you are desiring to begin the journey of self-healing, to live a rewarding, purpose filled life, our coaches and counselors are here to serve you. We have a desire to help people discover and fulfill their God-given purpose through our services. Imagine living a life where your dreams become goals and visions become reality.

Based on the Complimentary Consultation and desired outcomes, we will discuss which of our services is the best roadmap for your desired destination. All you must do is be willing and focused, ready to imagine and trust the journey. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation TODAY!

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Ronny Sommerville

Ronny Sommerville is a licensed Professional Counselor, IASIS Certified Provider, Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach with years of experience and trained to work with diverse populations. His passion is to help men & women who are losing sleep and suffering in silence from anxiety, depression, grief, fear, and past traumatic events. Ronny uses Imagery, IASIS Technology, Light Bar Therapy, Sound Therapy, and Aroma Therapy. He wants his clients to know just like our body needs a physical detox at times, so do our emotions. Ronny calls this an “Emotional Detox”. There are things that we’ve pushed down, ignored, or dismissed for years that finally need to be dealt with and let go. You can finally get the break-through and break-free to become the person you’ve always known you could become.

In addition to being the cofounder of Healing 4 Purpose LLC, he is also the founder of Restore Life Counseling Services, LLC. Ronny is a husband, & loving father of five. He enjoys participating in family events, riding his motorcycle, and loves bowling with his league.

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~You didn’t get to “that” place in life overnight so you won’t get out of “that” place overnight! If you trust the process and give it some time, “Life Can Be GOOD AGAIN”!

~Ronny Sommerville M.A., LPC

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Coach Resha

Coach Resha is a Life Coach, Trichologist, and IASIS Certified Provider, Provisional with Ronny Sommerville. As an educator since 1996, her passion is helping people discover and fulfill their God-given purpose. Coach Resha believes each person is placed on earth with a unique set of gifts, talents, and desires to solve certain problems for the benefit of others. Realizing personally and professionally that roadblocks and life experiences often derail our journeys, she sought tools to help people get freed from being “emotionally stuck.” Those who are able to release anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, calm their anxieties, and get more rest, are able to begin or continue accomplishing their dreams, goals, and visions.

That path began to not only change the course of her own life, but the life of many others. Coach Resha received certifications for various wholistic wellness modalities such as hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, and micro-current neurofeedback to name a few.

Coach Resha co-founded Healing 4 Purpose, LLC with her husband Ronny to help those navigate their life purpose journey, getting them from where they are, to where they want to be.

In addition to being a wife and mother of five, she enjoys writing and directing gospel stage plays and is currently obtaining her Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine.

~When people are able to utilize their gifts and talents to “do” what they love and enjoy, the world is a more peaceful and happy place regardless of what is happening around them.

~ Coach Resha

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